It took it almost half a decade to make a re-entry, but WikiLeaks is back in the arena of exposing confidential information. A beta version of the website has been launched that has started accepting incognito files, starting today.


Although website’s editor-in-chief, Julian Assange is still living in an asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, but, regardless of that the online submission system is set upon claiming its position for being a protected website for people in search of sharing confidential information of political and historical importance.

Intelligence agencies have achieved momentum ever since WikiLeaks first went down in the year 2010. To combat WikiLeaks, the intelligence agencies have employed high-tech supervision techniques that can seize leaks. All these counter strikes by such agencies has made it almost impossible for people to anonymously share an information.

A WikiLeaks’ spokesperson told Wired, that they had to overhaul their identity securing measures in order to make submissions immune to hi-tech surveillance.

All the measures taken by WikiLeaks stand unknown to us, but the website readily claims to be safe for the anonymous information sharing. It runs on Tor, which is an encrypted network that makes the source and destination unidentified of all Internet communications. Tor is available as a downloadable browser package for Mac OS X , Windows, and GNU/Linux.

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