We can never have enough storage in our machines which is why most of us rely upon external hard drives and cloud storage services to store data. Most laptops and computers now come with a few terabytes of hard drive storage anyway but even that doesn’t seem to be enough. Those who would rather use SSDs than HDDs are however limited in their options, because high capacity SSDs are still not mainstream and they’re also very expensive. On that note, allow me to inform you that the world’s first 6TB SSD will be available for purchase this July.

Granted that SSDs are expensive but that hasn’t stopped companies from making new ones that offer greater storage. Japan’s Fixstars is going to release three new 2.5 inch SSDs this year, the 1000M, 3000M and 6000M.

The 1000M and 3000M SSDs from Fixstars will offer 1TB and 3TB of storage respectively and use a 6Gbps interface and 19nm flash memory.

The 2.5 inch 6000M SSD is going to use 15nm flash memory and will offer 6TB of storage. Expected read speeds are likely to be north of 540MB/s and write speeds are likely to top 520MB/s equalling what conventional 6Gbps SATA SSDs can achieve these days.

Fixstars has only announced pricing for the 1000M, it will cost $820, obviously the other models are going to be even more expensive.

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