XR341CK Monitor Straight OnGamers over in the US will be pleased to hear that Acer America intends to up the ante in the gaming visuals department with the introduction of the Acer XR341CK, which so happens to be an ultra-wide curved monitor that will boast of a 34″ QHD panel with AMD FreeSync technology – and even better yet is the fact that it will arrive in a zero frame design.


As the Acer XR341CK wraps around the gamer’s field of view, this curved 21:9 panel will be able to ensure that gamers get to enjoy a deeper level of immersion whenever they engage aliens in space, or perhaps watch a movie.
Not only that, the sleek 34″ curved zero frame design would ensure that gamers are able to absorb visuals in a comfortable manner without running into any kind of blind spots. It will also deliver a maximum viewing area, making it ideal for multi-monitor setups, and can be daisy chained for an even broader view, now how about that? The ultra-high QHD (3440×1440@75Hz) resolution would deliver pictures that are amazingly sharp and realistic.

FreeSync would enable the GPU to control the display’s refresh rate so that there will no longer be any tearing and stuttering, and at the same time, mouse latency is latency in order to provide smooth gameplay at virtually any framerate. The IPS panel itself is capable of delivering accurate colors up to 172 degrees horizontally and 178 degrees vertically, while a pair of 7W speakers with DTS Sound would enrich games with dynamic, world-class audio. The asking price for the Acer XR341CK would be $1099.99 a pop.

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