mozart-in-the-jungleIn the past we have seen many photographers create wonderful HDR photos, but if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to watch movies and TV shows in HDR, you might be interested to learn that Amazon will be bringing that feature to you. The company has recently announced that they will be bringing HDR video streams to its Instant Video subscribers.


This was actually announced a couple of months ago and is a perk for Amazon Prime subscribers, and it looks like the feature is finally here. According to Amazon, users will get to choose between the regular video or the HDR video, depending on their personal preference, with the first season of Mozart in the Jungle being one of the first few shows to take advantage of this feature.

For those unfamiliar with HDR, it stands for High Dynamic Range. It is used largely in photography where a photographer snaps multiple photos of the same scene in different exposures and combines them to create a single image. The difference in exposures results in a very vivid photo where a wider range of lighting and colors can be shown.

That being said, not all titles on Amazon Instant Video will support HDR yet, but presumably more will be supported as time goes on, along with devices that can truly take advantage of the technology, like Samsung’s SUHD TVs as mentioned by Amazon.

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