Amazon Prime Instant Video is already one of the few online video streaming services that delivers content in 4K and now the company wants it to conquer the next frontier. Amazon has confirmed that later this year it will start streaming movies and TV shows in HDR or High Dynamic Range. The company has not yet confirmed which titles will be available in HDR and precisely when it will start streaming later this year.

The company does say that movies and TV shows will be available in HDR as well as its own original programming. Users will get more vibrant imagery that’s more colorful and brighter, however the results won’t be noticeable on any TV. They’ll need to have a compatible TV set to enjoy content in HDR.

Amazon Prime Instant Video won’t be the only service that will start streaming content in HDR this year. Its rival Netflix has already confirmed that it too will flip the switch on HDR streaming at some point later this year.

The content library is likely to be limited at first, as is the case with 4K content, but over time more titles will be added. Users will certainly have to wait for a considerable amount of time for a well-stocked library of HDR content ready for on-demand streaming.

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