google_android_phone_pickerThere are so many Android handsets available in the market at the moment, so choosing the right one can be difficult. Now you might think that going with a flagship smartphone is the safest best but even then amongst the flagship handsets, there are plenty of options available from the likes of Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Motorola, and more.

Well in a market that might be daunting the new smartphone owner, Google is here to save the day. The company has recently launched a website in which it will help users pick out smartphones based on the criterias that the users think are more important to them. The tool will ask users to choose three main tasks that you might use your phone for.

For example if taking photos is one of my main activities, then that is a criteria I would select. However others might prioritize devices that are more suited for gaming or productivity, or even for fitness-related purposes. All of these choices will be taken into account and then Google will display phones they think you might be interested in.

The tool will ask for how frequent you might use a particular feature, like how often do you browse on your phone, for example. Presumably based on this and if you select “all day”, it will try to find a phone whose battery life is long enough to sustain you. It’s a pretty nifty tool so if you’d like some help deciding what might be suited for you, pop on over to Google’s website for the details.

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