google adsHow often have you accidentally clicked an ad while you were surfing with your phone? Sometimes you might be scrolling and your finger lightly brushes against an ad, causing the website to navigate to the ad website or launch the app store if it is an ad for app. It can be rather annoying and disruptive, but this is something Google is looking to fix.

The company has announced on its blog that they will be introducing several changes to the way ads behave on mobile. For starters, they are making the borders of ads unclickable. This means that if you are trying to press the tiny “X” to close the ad, it should no longer result in you clicking it by accident. Instead Google has made it so that only the more central portions of the will respond to clicks.

They are also blocking clicks on app icons which sometimes appears as in-app ads. This is usually a tricky move by some developers who place the “X” too close to the app icon, which once again results in accidental clicks. Lastly, Google will also be delaying clickability, meaning that ads aren’t clickable until a certain amount of time has passed, giving users enough time to examine the content of the ad.

While this helps make it a less disruptive experience for users, Google also believes it will reduce the number of accidental clicks, which in turn will save advertisers money by not having to pay for these accidental clicks. Google claims that with these improvements, they have seen a 15% average conversion lift from display ads.

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