If you are familiar with laptops from the ’90s then you would probably recognize the original black and boxy ThinkPads from IBM. They were quite popular back then and the design itself is still held in high esteem by folks who are interested in laptop design. Lenovo is mulling over actually building a retro ThinkPad once again but it won’t do that unless you say so.

Vice president of design at Lenovo David Hill has put up a “Time Machine” render of the retro ThinkPad that’s complete with the iconic multicolored ThinkPad logo, the blue enter key, a 16:10 aspect ratio display and a seven row keyboard.


Even though the design takes you back to the ’90s, this laptop will feature the latest technology in a much slimmer package overall, so you would be able to use it as a daily driver that’s well equipped to meet the needs of today’s users.


Hill says that making this retro ThinkPad will require “significant sales volume” to justify the tooling expense and development effort. He asks fans in his blogpost if they think the company should go ahead with this project, judging by the nearly 1,000 comments on the post of which most are positive, it appears Lenovo might get the go ahead that it’s looking for.

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