Ever since the Logitech’s steering wheel leaked online, the gaming world couldn’t stop talking about it. Finally Logitech has confirmed the device and interestingly it is not a single steering wheel, there is another one as well.

Logitech G920 Driving Force wheel has been exclusively designed for the Xbox One — but before you frown on that —the good news is that it will function on a PC too. The G920 Driving Force wheel features a dual-motor force feedback transmission paired with anti-backlash helical gearing. The wheel comes hand-stitched with leather grip and the goodness does not end there, the wheel also features a brake, clutch peddles and a stainless steel throttle.

Likewise, Logitech has designed another wheel, G29 Driving Force for the PS4, and yes, it will also be compatible with your PC. It has identical specs as the G920 Driving Force wheel and the build quality is also the same. The only difference is that the G920 has been designed keeping Xbox One in mind while the G29 identifies with the pre-requisites of the PS4. Those who run games on their PC are thrown in with a choice to either go with the wheel designed for the Xbox One or to go for the one designed for the PS4.

Interestingly, the G920 Driving Force wheel for Xbox One comes with an added advantage of compatibility with an optional Driving Force Shifter, which is a six-speed manually operated gear stick featuring push-down reverse functionality.

The G920 and G29 will be available for a price of £300 ($463.59) and the G29 will be entering the market in July while the G920 will be debuting in October.

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