NASA has been trying to give better visual experience of the space to the citizens with curiosity for space exploration. The agency has been releasing amazing videos and photos of the space in order to engage more audience into how the space looks like.

The agency has always been trying to make the space look much more better to the interested audience and it has been keeping up with the times. It adapted the HD resolution as soon as it could and it has been a long time since it is offering videos and photos in 1080p resolution. Now, to make the experience even realistic, the agency is moving towards 4K resolution, which is double the HD resolution at 60 frames per second.

In a video released by the agency, which is shot in 4K resolution, shows the life at the International Space Station (ISS). The video is breathtaking and is enjoyable even if one does not have a 4K supporting device at home. NASA is of a view that with the 4K video recorder available at the ISS, the researchers could record a better quality video of the space and can enlighten the viewers with the variety of experiments taking place at the ISS on a regular basis.

The new 4K video format adopted by NASA could give out much more information to the fans and can also give them an insight into how it is like at the ISS. The agency says that it would be releasing more 4K videos soon and users can watch them in lesser resolution too, as per their need.

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