raspberry pi caseIf you’re familiar with the Raspberry Pi series of computers, basically you know how small they are. Now given how “open” the design is, it isn’t surprising that many have tried to come up with cases to cover the components from being exposed to dust and the elements, but if you’re wondering why there isn’t an official case, wonder no more.


The company has recently taken the wraps off what appears to be the official case for the Raspberry Pi computer. Given that they make both the computer and the case, safe to say that this will be a perfect fit. “One of the things we discussed was an official Raspberry Pi case. We thought that it would be great to create something affordable, but with the kind of real beauty and design that our products try to encompass.”

Apparently multiple designs were made before they narrowed it down to three of their favorite models and settling for the one you see in image above. According to them, “It’s about design, love, attention to detail, accuracy, iteration and overall damn hard work! We think you’ll love this new case as much as we do.”

Just like the Raspberry Pi computers, the case itself will be very affordable where it will be priced at £6.00 and is available from the official Raspberry Pi store. It will play nicely with Raspberry Pi 2 computer.

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