Through the Cloud Drive service Amazon has been offering cloud storage but users could only access it using desktop applications or through the web, there were no mobile applications which were seriously keeping the service behind its competitors. Amazon has quietly released the Cloud Drive app for iOS, Android and through its own Appstore but the app is missing out on a rather important feature.

The app itself is called Cloud Drive and it provides users with folder views of everything they have stored in Amazon’s cloud. Files can be viewed, shared or linked to with files like PDFs, images, spreadsheets and more being supported. Stored music and videos can also be streamed from Cloud Drive.

Aside from these features the apps don’t appear to do anything else, they don’t even allow the user to automatically sync or upload files through their mobile device which obviously defeats the entire purpose of such an app. For uploading content users will then have to rely upon other Amazon applications such as Prime Music or Cloud Drive Photos.

Essentially the Cloud Drive applications function as file viewers for whatever is stored in the cloud and they don’t do anything beyond that. However the service certainly offers great value for money as Amazon offers unlimited storage for any file for just $60 per month and if users only want to store photos they get unlimited storage for just $12 per month, which is significantly lower than what the competitors are asking for.

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