Just how desperate are you to ensure that your smartphone remains nice and juiced up? While some folks would carry around a power bank to get the job done, others might have forgotten about that particular detail. For instance, the video above caught an audience member who actually climbed up onto a Broadway set in order to juice up his handset – right before the opening curtain.


Does this smack of just how desperate he is? Isn’t there a better way of doing so, and if it was really that important, surely missing the show by going out to find a proper outlet would be the right thing to do? Ah well, I guess it provided some sort of “alternative entertainment” to those who were in attendance at the Booth Theater on Broadway right before a performance of the play “Hand to God”.

He plugged his handset into what turned out to be a fake outlet, as that fake outlet was actually part of the set. Apart from that, there was also an announcement which was made afterwards, citing that audience members were not given permission to hit the stage simply to plug in their handsets. This just goes to show that we should always leave the home prepared in the morning with a full supply of smartphone juice.

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