comcast-gigabit-ethernetWhile we do take an Internet connection for granted these days, this does not mean that all of us happen to be rocking to the fastest speed possible. You pay peanuts, and you get monkeys, or so the saying goes. Comcast’s latest 2-gigabit Internet services will cost you $299.95 each month, which would be a symmetrical service (2 Gb/s down, 2 Gb/s up), and this service is available as of today over in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as other areas of California, plus Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Miami and nearby parts.

It is not all that straightforward, however, as this particular service will have its fair share of restrictions, so to speak. First of all, you will need to live within a half-mile of Comcast’s metro fiber network, as well as to choose a bundle.

The biggest catch would be the installation fee, where the fine print points to a $500 fee, and there is also another $500 required for the activation fee, at least according what the site claims. It will require anywhere from six to eight weeks in order to install the service, and the termination fee, should you decide that this service is not for you, might cost more than a grand eventually. What do you think of this offer?

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