ios 9 selfie screenshots folderIf you have used iOS devices before, you know that taking screenshots and selfies will more or less bundle them into your camera roll. This makes it hard to search for them and delete them if that’s something you’re trying to do. However with iOS 9, it has been discovered that Apple has now created special folders that will organize your photos better.

These folders include folders for selfies and screenshots. Basically the former will contain photos taken by your phone’s front-facing camera. A test conducted by AppleInsider confirmed that there no face-detection algorithm used meaning that the platform basically decides the folder based on which camera mode you are in.

The same is done with the screenshot folder where photos taken by pressing the home and power button (to trigger the screenshot) will be stored in there automatically. Like we said this separation of photos is a much better way to organize photos stored on the user’s phone and we have no idea why it took Apple this long.

That being said if you don’t have iOS 9 installed and you want a better way to search and delete screenshots stored on your phone, there are free apps out there that does the job, such as Screeny which is a free app that scans your phone for screenshots and lets you delete them in batches to help free up space.

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