ipad-mini-3While it’s probably a bit expensive and unnecessary, smartphones can be upgraded on an annual basis. Tablets on the other hand, not so much simply because for the most part, people tend to spend more time on their phones than their tablets, so the wear and tear on these devices would be less thus reducing the need to replace them.

This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that according to the latest numbers put out by Forrester Research, it has been found that tablet sales are slumping. This isn’t to say that tablets are declining in sales, it’s just that the amount of tablets purchased every year becomes less than the previous year.

For example according to Forrester, tablet sales in 2014 was forecasted at 205.46 million. In 2015, that number becomes 217.84 million, 229.46 million in 2016, 240.16 million in 2017, and 249.95 million in 2018. As you can tell, every year that number grows less and less, but at the same time it is still increasing.

Like we said this can be attributed to the fact that tablets are typically refreshed by customers less frequently than smartphones. In fact Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has acknowledged this in the past. It is also possible that the tablet market is starting to mature, so with more people owning a tablet these days, the rush and frequency to buy a new one has slowed down.

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