nintendo-wii-u-review-10The Nintendo Wii U console was released in 2012, meaning that it has been in existence for about 3 years now. So how has the console done so far? According to Nintendo’s recent financials, it seems that the Wii U has finally managed to sell 10 million units since its launch, which is admittedly a tad slow but we suppose it’s still a good thing they got there.

According to the numbers, the Wii U managed to sell close to 500,000 units between April and June of 2015 – 470,000 to be exact. This is actually 40,000 units lower than Nintendo had projected but it still ultimately allowed the console to cross the 10 million mark. It was also revealed that the Americas is where the Wii U is the most popular.

Sales in Americas accounted for 4.85 million units, while Japan came in second at 2.48 million, while other territories including Europe made up 2.68 million. That being said despite the slow growth, the company is still expecting to sell 3.4 million consoles worldwide during its current financial year from April 2015 to March 2016.

Based on the rate the console has been selling, it does seem a tad unlikely, but who knows, perhaps with new games being released for the console, it might hit that mark. In the meantime other platforms such as the Sony PlayStation 4 have since sold 22.3 million units despite it launching nearly a year after the Wii U.

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