A couple of months ago, Blizzard announced the Eternal Conflict expansion for Heroes of the Storm. Basically this is a Diablo-themed map which introduced several new Diablo 3-related characters. However it looks like Blizzard isn’t done yet as during Gamescom, the company has announced three new heroes and a new map.

Now one of the heroes isn’t “new” per se. It’s actually the monk character which we’ve covered before, although Blizzard has since released a new trailer for the character. The other two characters are from the StarCraft and Warcraft universe, which includes Rexxar who is a Warcraft hero many are familiar with, and Artanis from the StarCraft universe.

Like we said there is also a new map planned. Dubbed Infernal Shrines, it looks like Blizzard isn’t quite done with the Diablo theme yet. According to Blizzard’s description, “Infernal Shrines is a three-lane Diablo-themed Battleground featuring three shrines that will periodically gather power. Teams can unleash this power by activating a shrine, defeating its guardians, and summoning a devastating Punisher to fight for them.”

Unfortunately there is no word on when Blizzard will be releasing these new heroes and the map, but they sound pretty exciting and worth looking forward to. In the meantime if you’d like to check them out, watch the videos above for the details.

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