erektrikFor those of you who feel that the comforts of a 5-star hotel is not going to cut the mustard for you, as you prefer something that is a whole lot more natural, then here is news for you. Etekcity has come up with what they call the E-gear Portable Collapsible Camping Stove, where you should not run into any kinds of problems whatsoever by toting this lightweight stove around, and one ought to plan the upcoming camping trip to include this bad boy.


The E-gear Portable Collapsible Camping Stove is useful whenever you are camping in the great outdoors, as it knows how space is at a premium for those who love to travel light. In order to ensure that it does not intrude too much on the amount of personal space, the E-gear Portable Collapsible Camping Stove measures a mere 4.13″ x 4.13″ x 8.8″ when collapsed, and it tips the scales at a mere 17 ounces.

Despite the E-gear Portable Collapsible Camping Stove being compact in nature, this does not mean that it compromises on the kind of quality that it carries. It will arrive in a sturdy form factor, and when unfolded and in use, it is able to support up to 11 pounds with the ability to hold cookware that is up to 10″ in diameter. Since it is able to pair up directly with the fuel canisters, setting it up is no hassle at all. A built-in electric spark ignition system helps it to work right from the get go, so what are you waiting for?

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