Android M was announced several months ago and as it stands, it still exists as a single alphabet with “M” standing for anything. Given Google’s penchant for naming their operating system after various sweets and desserts, there are many possibilities for what Android M will eventually stand for.

For example it could stand for Macaroon, Milkshake, Mars Bars, Marshmallow, Macadamia Nut Cookies, and more, and we suppose the official name will be revealed upon its official release, but in the meantime a couple of Googlers have released a teaser video hinting at what the “M” in Android M could stand for.

Now to be fair while the video’s creators, Natalie and Lorraine, are Google employees, the video above isn’t strictly an official teaser. Maybe they know what Android M could be, maybe they don’t, but there are plenty of M-related dessert and sweet names in that list that could be worth exploring.

In the meantime there is still no word on when Google will release Android M to the masses, but presumably it will be later this fall when the new Nexus devices are announced. In any case check out the video and let us know what you think Android M could eventually be known as!

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