Intel_xeon_logo-640x480When you think of consumer grade processors from Intel, you might think of the company’s Core i-series of chipsets, or even Intel Core M, and so on. However if you’re a bit of a techie, hearing the name Xeon probably makes you think of workstations and servers and you would be right.


However interestingly enough, Intel has announced that they have plans to bring their Xeon chipsets to laptops! The details and specifications of these Xeon laptop chips have yet to be revealed, but Intel did state that it will be based on the same Skylake architecture as high-end desktop chips. This means that technology your laptops will become more powerful.

Granted it might not necessarily be for everyone, but for power users on the go who might need to do a lot of processing, this might be the answer they’ve been waiting for. It is also expected to come with some of Xeon’s existing features such as error-correcting memory along with remote management.

There will also be a new Thunderbolt 3 connector, USB-C, and also the ability to drive dual 4K displays if that’s what you’re after. However as ArsTechnica points out, there is a slim chance that Intel will go beyond four cores so if you’re after more cores than that, maybe you’ll want to look elsewhere. In the meantime the first laptops that will ship with Intel’s Xeon processors are expected in the fall.

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