Remember how the Segway used to be thought of as the new mode of human transportation? A world where everyone rode on Segways to get around was envisioned, but unfortunately such a future did not materialize, largely thanks to the fact that the device was huge, heavy, and expensive. Enter the WalkCar.

The WalkCar is a personal transportation system where it is small enough to fit into a backpack or a messenger bag, thus allowing you to pull it out, step on it, and head to wherever you’re heading without much physical exertion on your part. It was developed by a 26-year old Japanese engineer by the name of Kuniako Saito and his team at Cocoa Motors.

As you can see in the image above, the WalkCar is tiny. In fact you might think you would break it if you stepped on it, but the device is made from aluminum and can take up to 120kg. It will also be able to travel at top speeds of 10kmph and will last a distance of up to 12km before needing a recharge, which will apparently take about 3 hours.

Riding the device is said to be simple. It will start the moment you step on, and stops when you step off. Turning is as easy as leaning your body to either side. The good news is that the WalkCar isn’t just a proof of concept. Saito has plans to launch it on Kickstarter come autumn of 2015 with a price tag of about $800. We’ll be keeping an eye out for it so check back with us later for the updates.

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