If a new report out of Japan is to be believed then the next major system software update for PlayStation 4 has entered beta testing. The report mentions several new features that are likely to be a part of this update. It merits mentioning here that so far Sony hasn’t revealed anything officially about PS4 system software 3.0 so nothing can be said for sure right now regarding the release date of this update.


The report mentions that PlayStation 4 system software 3.0 is going to add Event to the function menu which will let users watch, discover and participate in events related to PlayStation.

Community will reportedly be added to the Friends menu, this feature will let gamers find players that have similar interests and preferences. New communities can be created and existing ones can be joined. Members will then be able to play together, discuss topics and create parties.

Aside from improvements to the Message screen a Most Played list will feature games that participants to a party are playing, with users being able to easily start a game from that list.

It may also be possible to broadcast gameplay using YouTube and share short clips of up to ten seconds to Twitter, two features that will certainly be appreciated by gamers who’re quite active on social media.

The report doesn’t mention a release date and one hasn’t been announced by Sony yet so we’ll keep our ear to the ground for that crucial bit of information.

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