ZUK-transparent-screen-phone-05If you’re wondering who ZUK is, we suppose we can’t blame you. In reality ZUK is a startup company that actually has the backing of Lenovo. In fact it was just recently that the company announced their first smartphone in the form of the ZUK Z1, but more interestingly is the fact that during the announcement, they also showcased a very awesome prototype.

As you can see in the photo above, ZUK has a prototype of a smartphone with what appears to be a transparent display. This allows text and images to be displayed on the screen, but due to its transparent nature, it has a very cool see-through effect. While we’re not sure what use a transparent display might have, one possible use that comes to mind would be augmented reality.

That being said, this device is a prototype and it was tethered to the box/dock that you see in the photo above. Presumably this is because the guts of the phone are actually all in the box, meaning that the display you’re seeing is truly just a display. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen transparent display; earlier this year Samsung unveiled transparent and mirror displays of their own.

However given that this is a prototype, there’s no telling if and when it will be released to the market, if at all, but it’s definitely intriguing. In the meantime how many of you guys would be interested in getting a phone with a transparent display? We know we would!

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