bt-terabitThere is the need for speed not only on the asphalt where the smell of burning rubber is more than welcome, but also in the land where the Internet reigns – and British telecommunications provider, BT, has plans to increase the speed and improve the infrastructure of its Internet broadband network over in the U.K after competitors hurled accusations in its direction that they are stifling competition as well as have a poor track record when it comes to customer service. Does this mean their terabit speeds will be offered soon to home users? Not quite, but we’re getting there slowly – one day, eventually.


BT chief executive Gavin Patterson did mention that they are looking at a new minimum broadband speed of 5Mbps to 10Mbps, as BT works on extending its “Openreach” fiber network. Patterson shared, “We should be under no illusions, the network requires investment if we want to stay ahead as an internet based economy, there is no two ways about that.”

In a report from KPMG that was commissioned by BT (hence, the result might have a wee bit of a slight biase seeing who KPMG’s paymaster is), it did mention that the investment program in fast broadband would see an additional £20 billion to £30 billion added to the U.K. economy in the course of the coming decade. That ain’t too shabby for sure!

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