Canon-EOS-M3-mirrorless-camera1When it comes to mirrorless cameras, Canon’s name rarely pops up, and when it does it is usually to lament about how lackluster the company’s mirrorless efforts have been. This is versus other brands like Fujifilm, Sony, and Olympus, all of which have had pretty good reviews so far.

The good news is that Canon has recently promised to do better, and that they claim a new mirrorless camera will be released in the near future that will apparently be a crowd-pleaser. This is according to the CEO of Canon’s Image Communication Products Operations Masaya Maeda in an interview with Imaging Resources.

According to Maeda, he was quoted as saying, “Going forward, and this would be a repeat of what I said before, but we will put more effort into mirrorless, and also, naturally, we will continue to expand the EF-M lens group.” He also adds, “In the very near future, I think that Canon will come out with a mirrorless camera that you would really like.”

As it stands, Canon’s latest mirrorless effort is the EOS M3. It was announced this year and was initially not made available in the US, at least until August in which Canon confirmed that they would be bringing the camera stateside. So, what do you guys think Canon needs to do in order to better compete in the mirrorless field?

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