A new app called Companion has been released for Android and iOS, it serves a very basic purpose, ensuring that the user doesn’t walk alone at night. Often our instinct is to call a friend or a family member if we’re walking through a part of town that feels a bit shady and we tend to make them stay on the line till we’re sure that there’s no more danger, the app does just that without having to keep someone on call and the pressures of having to maintain small talk.

Companion can be used with anyone in your phone’s contacts and they don’t need to be using the app for it to work. Just add your starting point and destination in the app and it will track your progress while periodically asking “Are you ok?”

If you don’t respond within 15 seconds of this screen popping up by tapping on a large green button that says “Yes,” the app will automatically notify the designated companion.

That’s not all. If the app detects that you have started running or that your headphones have been unplugged from the smartphone it will start the 15 second countdown and if you don’t respond your companion will be notified.

Companion also offers university students the ability to report areas around campus which they feel are not safe, they can report those areas through the “I feel nervous” option in the app, the Companion team promises that it will contact the university’s management after receiving the reports.

The app is available as a free download for Android and iOS.

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