Earlier this year there were rumors that due to conflicts with Hideo Kojima and Konami, the producer was said to be leaving the company. This was later confirmed when box art removed mention of Kojima from them, and while Konami has never explicitly said that Kojima was leaving, we’re sad to say that it has pretty much been made official.

Konami has recently released a video (see above) in which the game’s long-time director/producer Kojima bids farewell to the series. This is particularly touching because for those unfamiliar, the Metal Gear Solid series has been running for close to three decades now, meaning that there have been plenty of fans who will no doubt be affected by his departure.

Prior to this, both Kojima and Konami have stated that the former will continue to be involved in Metal Gear Solid 5, which we suppose at best means that as far as bugs, balancing, and tweaking goes, he will be there for that. However if you were hoping for future Metal Gear or Metal Gear Solid titles under the Kojima Productions banner, this is it.

Earlier this year, it already looked like Konami was putting feelers out there to hire someone need to lead the Metal Gear series, but whether or not they have succeeded remains to be seen. In any case if you’re a fan of the series, then this video is one you’ll definitely have to watch.

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