IFASummit_2015_MWideLast year the IFA+ Summit took place for the first time ever, and due to the success of the event, its organizers have decided to create a second edition event which will be taking place next week. Also dubbed the IFA+ Summit, the event will kick off from the 7th to the 8th of September 2015 in Berlin.

Unlike the actual IFA event itself which is about showcasing a variety of products, prototypes, proof-of-concepts, and so on, the IFA+ Summit will focus on talks held by international speakers who will share ideas, plans, and their vision for the future in the field of transportation, health, Big Data, the home, design, entertainment, and more.

For example there will be talks about design and how it is becoming more important than ever as it no doubt influences the customer’s decision to purchase a particular product. There will be discussions held on how products like TVs, hi-fi systems, smartphones, and more are seen as lifestyle products and no longer serve just one particular purpose.

There will also be discussions on entertainment, like who will be producing content in the future, what kind of content can we expect in the future, and more importantly who are the people willing to pay for said content? Discussions will also be held about health and how technology plays an impact on the industry.

Could robots and intelligent machines be used to better improve health care in the future? All of this and more will be held at the IFA+ Summit 2015 so if you’d like to get your tickets, you can do so by heading over to the IFA website for the details. The tickets will be priced at 599 Euro which is admittedly a bit expensive, but if you believe that these talks and discussions will help you better understand the industry you’re in, perhaps it might be worth it.

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