In an ever-changing landscape of technology and home entertainment, the Loewe Iconic stands out as an ultra-high-end television (in a design sense) that combines both design innovation and cutting-edge technology. Produced by Loewe, an all-German brand synonymous with luxury and quality, this model offers a great viewing experience and unparalleled material customization options.

Design and Customization

One of the most striking aspects of the Loewe Iconic is its meticulously crafted design. The TV is handcrafted from durable Syno-Stone, a solid surface material known for its longevity. The Syno-Stone forms the television stand and this premium material forms the backbone of the Loewe unique and iconic aesthetic appeal.

Keeping in line with the demand for personalized products, Loewe has expanded the range of customization options for the Iconic model. Initially available in color graphite grey, pure white or bronze. New finished have been announced at IFA 2023: midnight marble (grey), diamond dust (dark grey), and ivory sands (ivory). This brings an exceptional level of customization, allowing consumers to match the TV to various interior designs.

Prospective customers can even request a sample box containing materials in these finishes, offering a tactile preview before deciding. The loudspeaker cover fabric now comes in two variants: graphite grey and black. When it comes to technical prowess, the Loewe Iconic boasts some of the latest features in OLED TV technology.


  • Up to 65” 4K OLED panel
  • Factory color-calibrated for superior image quality
  • Support for HLG, HDR10, and Dolby Vision


The integrated soundbar offers an enhanced auditory experience, delivering impressive, room-filling cinema sound and excellent speech intelligibility. Powered by 360 watts of total music power, it features a 3.1 sound system that can be expanded to a 5.1 configuration. Compatibility extends to Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Multiroom via Play-Fi, WDAL, and AVR adapters.

Chassis Variants

Two chassis options are available for the Loewe Iconic: SL5 and SL7. Both are developed and produced in Germany and are designed for durability and repairability, embodying the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Both variant feature 1TB of video recording storage and can record up to two channels at once. There are also Pause and Play Later functions and many features you would expect from a DVR box. The company says that “An Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max is included in the scope of delivery”, so there’s a solid foundation in terms of features and services.

The television has enough space to accommodate what seems to be a powerful and high-quality sound-solution. The total sound output is 360W, thanks to its three soundbar speakers.  It is compatible with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Multiroom via Play-Fi and WDAL.

While the technical specifications are impressive, the design is the primary focus of this product, and it often feels like you might have to upgrade the rest of the house after installing one of these.

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