ios 9 featuresiOS 9 was officially released a couple of days ago. However there were some users who complained that they were getting an error message that said, “Software Update Failed”. If this sounds bad, we suppose it is, but there’s worse news. According to a smattering of reports across social media, there are some who have had their devices crash when trying to update.

According to one user Pip Cordi, “It is beyond inconvenient to not be able to use your phone for a day. I have a lot of apps that I use for school – things like language apps and dictionaries and that’s all really important for my studies.” Another left the Apple Store without any resolution, with the only option to either factory reset or wait for a fix.

It would seem that Apple knows that the update is causing some devices to crash, and users have been told that their engineers are working on it. Unfortunately there is no word on when this fix will be released. It is unclear as to how widespread this issue is, but for users who are having trouble downloading the update, one workaround is to download it via iTunes and install it by plugging your phone into your computer.

That being said, this has not stopped iOS 9’s adoption rate. Last we checked, iOS 9 was sitting close to 20% and this is after a day and a half after its release. Presumably without these glitches it would have been a lot faster, but it will be interesting to see how well the OS fares over the weekend.

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