Leica-M-Set-Edition-100-Null-Series00013Leica cameras are highly-coveted cameras amongst photographers. One doesn’t need to be a professional with years under their belt to know that owning a Leica is a big deal. Granted some might argue that maybe the brand is a bit exaggerated in terms of quality, but at the end of the day just about everybody wants one.

We know that Leica cameras themselves are already pretty expensive to begin with, but this could take the cake. The Leica Store Miami has recently announced that they have in stock a Leica M 100 Edition Null Series. For those who are unfamiliar with the Null Series, basically these are pre-production M 100 cameras that were made before Leica decided to produce an official run.

We wouldn’t go as far as calling them prototypes, but maybe “early editions” would be a better name for it. According to the Leica Store Miami, there are only 25 units that have been made so like our title suggests, this is a rarer than rare camera. The store also claims that the set has never been used and the lenses have never been mounted on the camera.

This basically means that it is a pristine device that has yet to be operated, so if you’re a collector of mint items, this would be right up your alley. Of course its price is an astounding $74,500 but the store claims that they are open to reasonable requests. In the meantime enjoy these photos, which is probably the closest many of us will come to actually owning this particular camera.

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