nasa-4k-tvIf you ever needed a valid excuse to pick up one of those new snazzy Ultra HD TVs (4K resolution, of course), but never really came across one that actually made sense to your other half who has a say in the purse strings of the household, perhaps now is the time to take that step. NASA has revealed on today that it intends to introduce an Ultra HD TV channel in North America, and in order to achieve this vision, they will be working alongside video delivery infrastructure company Harmonic in order to prepare the channel for a debut some time this fall.

Harmonic is currently discussing with pay TV operators so that they can broadcast the channel on “satellite, cable and optical networks for consumer access,” NASA’s 4K channel will also be accessible to just about anyone who is online, as long as they have an Internet connection that is 13 Mbps or higher.

Robert Jacobs, deputy associate administrator for NASA’s Office of Communications, shared, “Partnering with Harmonic gives NASA an outlet for its UHD content, which has four times the resolution of HD and is the next iteration of digital television.” It would be interesting to check out all of the 4K footage shot from within the International Space Station once this TV channel is up and running. [Press Release]

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