Sony has had a habit of releasing two flagship devices a year, kind of like Samsung. However if you’re thinking that maybe the next flagship we see from Sony will be in early 2016, perhaps at CES or MWC 2016, you might be disappointed because according to Sony’s art director, the next flagship might drop in the second half of 2016.

The interview is a tad old and was shot a couple of weeks ago during IFA 2015. According to Sony Mobile’s art director, Rikke Gertsen Constein, she revealed that Sony was already working on the company’s next-gen flagships for second half of 2016, 2017, and 2018, basically saying that Sony has some kind of idea as to where they will be headed.

It is possible that Sony might have already figured out what they want for the first half of 2016, which is why Constein was talking about the second half of 2016, but this is just speculation on our part. Either way with such stiff competition in the mobile field at the moment, Sony certainly has their job cut out for them.

So far Sony has recently announced their next-gen flagships for the second half of the year in the form of the Sony Xperia Z5 series. There are three different phones that are part of the lineup, coming in at different sizes, with the highest-end Sony Xperia Z5 Premium sporting a 4K display. In any case what do you guys make of this? Will you be disappointed if Sony only launches one flagship smartphone in 2016?

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