mgs remakeThe original Metal Gear game was released in 1987. This means that it’s about 28 years old today. Back then we suppose you could say that it featured some pretty killer graphics, at least for its time, but fast forward to today, those graphics are looking pretty damn dated. The good news is that one fan wants to remake the game using Unreal Engine 4.

This remake is courtesy of fan Jose Bravo de Mansilla, aka “Boker”. It is called Outer Heaven and will basically combine the story of the original Metal Gear along with the isometric camera view of Metal Gear Solid and the gameplay of the more modern version of the game. In a way you could consider this to be the mashup of all the things that made the Metal Gear series great to begin with.

So far we have to say that based on the screenshots, this looks nothing like the original and we mean that in a good way. The graphics look pretty awesome and if you are interested in following the remake’s progress, you can do so by hitting up IndieDB for the details. Unfortunately Boker does not have a date for when this remake will be released.

However we suppose the more important question is whether or not Konami will intervene. Some developers have no issue with fans creating mods or spin-offs of its games, while others go after their fans with legal action. Which route Konami will take remains to be seen, but hopefully it will be the former.

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