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Qualcomm is a company that is known primarily for their chipsets, which for the most part has found its way into smartphones and tablets around the world. However it looks like the company is starting to branch out as they have recently unveiled a Snapdragon-powered security camera which can be used as a reference design.

What this means is that Qualcomm won’t actually be building and selling these cameras themselves, but rather they will sell the design to companies who are interested. The camera was co-developed by Thundersoft and it will feature a Snapdragon 618 chipset under the hood, which according to the company will facilitate 4K video recording, meaning that grainy security camera footage will soon be a thing of the past.

It will also support both WiFi and LTE connectivity, and will also have the ability to identify objects and to learn about it, thanks to the processing power of the device. So much so that Qualcomm has referred to the device as a “conscious camea”. Other features of the camera includes an Adreno 510 GPU on board, LTE Cat 7  radio, Bluetooth 4.1, and GPS.

This is an interesting move for the company but as smartphone markets start to mature, it’s not surprising that Qualcomm wants to explore other venues that they can apply their expertise to. A couple of months ago, the company suggested that their chipsets could also find a place in the drone market.

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