synapticsWith the introduction of 3D Touch on the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, many have heralded it as the future of how we will interact with our phones. Now a company by the name of Synaptics has announced a new display controller called the ClearPad 3700, which the company hopes will make pressure sensitive screens on Android devices the norm in 2016.

Granted 3D Touch is still fairly new and we’ve yet to see how well-received the feature is and how developers can take advantage of it, but we suppose just like Touch ID, its uniqueness and functionality has a lot of potential to change the way we interact with our phones, which is why we are eager to see which OEMs will be adopting Synaptics’ ClearPad 3700 in 2016.

Some of the features of the ClearPad 3700 are pretty much similar to 3D Touch on the new iPhones. This includes the ability to enable varied scrolling speeds, new ways to zoom and pan over pictures, contextual menus, and more, according to the company. As it stands, the ClearPad 3700 is in mass production.

The company did not mention if there are OEMs who will be adopting their technology, so we guess we will just have to wait until 2016 to find out if the company is successful in bringing pressure sensitive screens to the Android market. In the meantime any Android users out there excited for this technology? Or do you think it’s just a gimmick?

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