One of the main reasons why people don’t choose to jump ship from Android or iOS is the fact that none of the other mobile operating systems in the market offer anywhere near the number of applications that are available for those two platforms. That is partly why platforms like Windows Phone and BlackBerry are struggling, not to mention the fact that the lack of compelling hardware plays its part as well. To make it easier for people to switch Microsoft has now launched a new app for Android called AppComparison which locates those apps on Windows Phone.

The idea is to take the pain of guessing for people that might be considering a shift from Android to Windows Phone. They don’t have to individually check and see if most of the apps that they use on Android are also available on Windows Phone.

All they need to do is launch AppComparison on their Android device and the app will then match with the counterparts for Windows Phone. If there’s an app that’s not available on Windows Phone AppComparison will take the liberty of suggesting a similar app that it believes the user might be interested in.

Through this application users will also be introduced to some of the most popular apps on Windows Phone, and hopefully this will entice them enough to consider moving to Windows Phone, whether or not they will is an entirely different matter.

AppComparison is available as a free download from the Google Play Store.

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