beretta-m9a3It looks like Beretta’s spanking new gun that was made for the Army can now be purchased by civilians, as the company’s M9A3 pistol began to ship to retailers last week. The Beretta M9A3 comes across as a sand-colored 9mm semiautomatic that was specially meant to be used by U.S. soldiers who were serving in the harsh terrain of Afghanistan. However, the Department of Defense are rather undecided on whether it would want to make the switch to Beretta’s upgraded pea shooter, or to settle with a competitor to the Italian company just yet.


If you are a civilian in the US with the necessary paperwork, then the M9A3 can be yours for $1,099 a pop. So far, Beretta has position the M9A3 to be a gun for cops and “military customers worldwide.” It has been 20 long years since Beretta has played the role of being the U.S. military’s official supplier of sidearms, and they are currently contracted to deliver up to 100,000 M9 pistols all the way through to 2017.

The M9A3 was also specially designed to be sand-resistant, which would make it far less likely to jam in dusty climates, and will also come with an optional, extra-fat grip which one can snap on, as though this is some sort of protective case for a smartphone, just to cater for those who have extra large hands compared to the normal folks.

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