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The world will remember Bill Gates not only for Microsoft and all the incredible things that he did with that company but also for his tireless efforts to make a difference in this world. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has done incredible work to eventually eradicate polio and malaria, a major chunk of Gates’ fortune has been spent in this endeavor, and now he’s going to spend $2 billion to bring about an energy revolution.

Bill Gates is going to spend this money to fund research and development that can hopefully pull humans away from the collision course they’re on with climate. This will obviously warrant a radical change in the way countries meet their power demands, Gates is willing to get the ball rolling by becoming one of the few private investors who are spending their money on these efforts.

Gates mentions that the U.S. government did a huge favor to the world when it declared a war on cancer and now it’s funding majority of the health research that tops $30 billion a year, adding that the government needs to make a similar commitment to R&D for carbon-free alternatives.

At $6 billion a year he believes that the pool is too low for any tangible advancements to be made so not only does the government needs to up its commitment but private investors also have to step in.

Hopefully this $2 billion commitment from Gates is going to get the government and other wealthy private investors to take note and join in the effort to ensure that the world moves on to more greener and sustainable methods of producing energy. It’s not going to be easy and it’s going to take a lot of time, but he does believe that it’s not at all impossible.

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