Victim Of Exploding E-Cig May Never Walk Again

There is a lot of debate regarding the safety of electronic cigarettes (e-cigs). The question here lies in both the content of the juice and also the electronics involved, and every now and then you hear about an accident that further seems to enforce the idea that e-cigs are considered to be dangerous.

Now it seems that one incident was bad enough to the point where an exploding e-cig may cause a 29-year old college student from Colorado Springs to never walk again. According to the reports, the 29-year old had his e-cig explode in his face. Apparently the resulting blast was enough to fracture his vertebrae, cause facial fractures, and teeth damage.

According to the victim’s sister, “He’s really, really into fitness, and he’s really good at it. That’s what he was in school to do, but with an injury like this, it puts those things in question. I’m just hopeful he can make a speedy recovery and a full recovery.” So what caused the accident? Apparently a wrongly-configured device.

An employee from a smoke shop in Memphis told Fox Memphis after seeing the victim’s setup, “This is way too powerful to power this. Way too hot of a battery. You can have a way-too-high amped battery in there or something like that could easily misfire and cause something like that. It’s operator error, though.”

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