PG&E Should Try This ALPS Drone For Fully Automated Power Grid Inspections

ALPS, known for its in-car electronics components has put together a Done system that can autonomously inspect powerline infrastructure.

CDC Identifies A Death That Could Be Linked To Vaping

The concept of vaping and e-cigarettes are designed to help people ease of regular cigarettes. However, given that they’re still considered to be relatively new, not much is known about the chemicals used in vape juices and what kind of health complications they might cause in the long-term.

FCC To Investigate Reports That The iPhone Exceeds Radiofrequency Radiation Limits

In the past, there have studies conducted to find if the radiation given off from our phones are dangerous. So far, the general consensus seems to be that they are safe for human use, but according to a report from The Chicago Tribune has suggested that our phones are actually giving off more radiation than is allowed.

FAA Discovers A New Flaw In Boeing’s 737 Max Planes

We put a lot of faith in airplanes to stay in the sky while it is flying, but unfortunately, accidents do happen from time to time, and that is why Boeing’s 737 Max planes are currently grounded due to some flaws which some believe could have been the reason behind the recent crashes. The company is working on a fix, but it seems that it could take longer than we […]


MacBook Pro Reportedly Explodes During ‘Normal Use’

Usually, we hear reports about smartphones exploding, and less with laptops. Unfortunately, there is a first time for everything because according to the reports, it seems that at least one of Apple’s MacBook Pros has caught on fire and exploded. This is according to a DJ calling himself White Panda who recounted the details on a post on Reddit.

DJI’s Drones Will Get Aircraft Detection Next Year

Drones are immensely useful tools for all kinds of things, whether it be for photography, videography, or search and rescue. However, much like most tools, they can be useful or downright hindrances depending on their users. As we have seen in the past, drones have the potential to disrupt flights by flying too close to airports which raises concerns about drones possibly crashing into the engines of planes.

Chevrolet’s New Safety Feature Stops Teens From Driving Until Their Seat Belts Are Worn

One of the things that they teach in driving school is that whenever you get into the car, one of the first things you should do is wear your seat belt. However, all of us are probably guilty of not doing that at some point during our driving careers, but Chevrolet is hoping to crack down on such bad habits.

Passenger Impaled By Tripod Throw Off An Overpass

There are reasons why throwing things off an overpass is illegal. Not only is this littering, but it can cause accidents as well since drivers might not be able to see things coming and avoid them in time. More recently, it seems that a man by the name of Tim Page had narrowly avoided death after a tripod was throw off an overpass where it smashed through the windshield of […]

Apple Recalls Older AC Power Adapters Over Electric Shock Concerns

For Apple customers who live in Singapore, the United Kingdom, and/or Hong Kong, it seems that Apple has announced that they will be recalling their AC power adapters. This seems to stem from concerns that in rare cases, the AC power adapters might break and expose some of the components inside of it, which when touched, could cause electric shock to the user.

Man Falls To Death Trying To Take The Perfect Selfie At Yosemite National Park

The quest to get the perfect selfie has led many down a very dangerous path, where we have heard and read countless stories of people dying as a result of that. Sometimes it was due to them not being aware of their surroundings, while other times there were some who took unnecessary risk to get that perfect shot.

Researchers Trick Tesla’s Autopilot Using Nothing But Stickers On The Ground

One of the features of Tesla cars would be its Autopilot feature where it is more of an enhanced cruise control feature that also has the ability for the car to steer itself, meaning that it can be used on curved roads where the sensors on the car would allow it to continue to remain in its lane without driver input.

HP Recalls Laptops Over Fire Hazard

The problem with lithium-ion batteries is that they can be dangerous if not stored properly. As we have seen in the past, these batteries can explode. This is why the US Product and Safety Commission has announced that HP will be recalling several laptop models over a potential fire and hazard.

The ‘Bird Box’ Social Media Challenge Has Caused Its First Accident

It wasn’t too long ago that Netflix’s “Bird Box” movie was released, and by all accounts it was the platform’s most popular movie to date having been watched by over 45 million accounts. Unfortunately the movie spawned an internet challenge where people challenged each other and themselves to do things blindfolded.

Teen Dies After Being Electrocuted While Using Headphones

We have heard unfortunate stories in the past where people have died after being electrocuted by their charging cables. However it seems that over in Malaysia, a teen has reportedly died after being electrocuted while using a pair of headphones that was plugged into a mobile phone that was also being charged.