instagramAre you a huge fan of Instagram? While Instagram has its fair share of users, it is still unable to carry that kind of weight that Facebook has where social apps are concerned, mainly due to the different nature of each app, not to mention Facebook being a whole lot more encompassing. Still, there is a place for Instagram in our lives, and the idea of having Instagram support multiple accounts has been thought up of by many to date, but nothing has been done by Instagram until now. Apparently, Instagram did introduce multiple account support – but just for a while, before removing that feature.

To be able to have multiple Instagram accounts is good for those users who happen to have more than a single account. Perhaps one would want to carry a professional account, while keeping the other one as a social account? The brief availability of this multiple user Instagram account has been revealed, albeit for a while, although it happens to be available to Instagram beta testers still.

Instagram has remained mum on why they decided to revoke this feature, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that Instagram has not forgotten about this feature, and will be working hard to roll it out to the masses. The sooner, the better, too. Recently, we have also heard that Instagram has gotten strict with its API access.

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