oneplus-x-ceramicOnePlus is a company that markets their handsets in a very unique and special way, don’t you think so? After all, the invitation system adds a dash of mystery, but if you were to boil it down to the bare basics, then having to pick up a handset at a retail store or a guaranteed online purchase sounds a whole lot better and more convenient. The OnePlus X that has already arrived in the hands of many who picked up an invite before that is just one of the two versions – the other variation would be a ceramic edition, and here we are with word that the OnePlus X ceramic limited edition model is due for a November 24 debut.

November 24 happens to fall on the coming Tuesday, although it remains unclear as at press time at how one will be able to pick up the ceramic edition of the handset. Hailing from OnePlus, one would be able to make the assumption that this handset will require an invite before bringing one home.

Depending on the region where you live, the OnePlus X ceramic limited edition model will set you back by £269 or €369, and only 10,000 units will be made, so do expect availability to be limited. Those living in North America will not be able to pick this up though, and will have to get theirs on the sub-sale market. Apart from the material in which the ceramic limited edition model employs for its chassis, everything else underneath the hood would remain the same as the vanilla OnePlus X.

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