brave pupDepending on where you work, sometimes offices can be a bit dull but if you’d like to help liven up the place a little, a website and organization by the name of Bravepup might be of interest to you. It seems that not only can you get all food, clothing, electronics, and books delivered, but thanks to Bravepup, you can now get puppies delivered to the workplace.

The idea behind Brave Pup is to help these puppies, which have been rescued, socialize amongst humans. There is another goal and that is if you find the puppies too irresistible, you can even adopt them and bring them home with you, giving these puppies a permanent home as opposed to being sheltered.

Of course there’s something in it for people as well. These puppies will help relieve some of your stress at work. According to Bravepup, “Puppy love goes a long way, releasing ‘feel good’ hormones & decreasing cortisol stress levels.” They will also apparently help boost morale, and at the end of the day, who doesn’t love cute little puppies, right? Unless you’re allergic, of course.

Apparently the puppies have been rescued from shelters in the South where the kill rates of animals that aren’t found homes quickly enough are pretty high. The money that Bravepup makes from these deliveries and adoptions will go towards rescuing even more of these animals, so if you’d like to liven up your office, hit up their website for the details.

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