world of warcraft legionThe upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Legion, looks like a pretty fun expansion and if you’re eager to get your hands on the game, you’re in luck because Blizzard has officially announced that the game is now available for pre-purchase. As we saw from the leaked image yesterday, it’s pretty much the same thing.

The game will cost $50 for the standard digital edition, but if you want extra goodies, the digital deluxe edition will retail for $70. By purchasing either version, you will be given a free level 100 boost that you can apply to your characters, as well gain early access to the Demon Hunter class, which according to Blizzard will let you play the class ahead of the game’s release.

Gamers who don’t mind spending a bit for the digital deluxe edition will also get a free Illidari Felstalker Mount in the game and a Nibbles pet. They will also receive a Felstalker mount in Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft 2 portraits, and if they play Diablo 3, they will also receive the Wings of the Betrayer. These are similar in concept to the Kerrigan Wings for Diablo 3, except that these wings belong to Illidan.

As for the game’s release, Blizzard has yet to finalize that, but as stated on the pre-purchase website, the game is expected to be released on or before the 21st of September. If you’d like to get your hands on the expansion, then head on over to the store for the details.

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