wowwee-chipWhen we talk about robotic dogs, I suppose one of the more endearing images would be that of the Sony Aibo. Well, the Aibo has been done and dusted for many years now, which is why the new model from WowWee, known as the CHiP dog robot, does appeal to the sense. WowWee is no stranger when it comes to technologically inclined toys, and the CHiP dog robot that sports blue-green LED eyes is certainly worth checking out this holiday season.

CHiP stands for Canine Home Intelligent Pet, where it will enter a sitting position with the tap of a button, and will be able to know if you are in the room via Bluetooth. Not only that, CHiP also loves a game of fetch like most normal dogs, and the wristband is there to help you pick up on your whereabouts. Should you be pleased with CHiP’s response at any time, just press the thumbs up on the wristband to approve.

CHiP gets up and about on its peculiar looking wheels that emanates some rather peculiar noises, and the wheels are omni-directional, allowing it to move in any direction. No idea on how much it will cost as at press time though, but nothing can ever replace the love and personality of a real life dog for me.

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