A couple of weeks ago, the folks at HBO uploaded a teaser image for Game of Thrones season 6. It featured a bloody-looking Jon Snow. Now it looks like we have a new teaser, this time in the form of a very short video that’s under a minute. However this teaser doesn’t really show us much of season 6, but rather it seems to contain a ton of flashbacks to the previous seasons, albeit rather brutal flashbacks.

Basically this teaser shows all the different ways characters were killed or maimed during the course of the show done through very quick flashbacks. It also shows us Jon Snow at the start, leading us to wonder if his appearance has any significance. After all there is a lot of debate as to whether or not Jon Snow was really killed at the end of season 5, and the recent teaser poster and now this video poster seems to suggest that he will be back, at least in some capacity.

The teaser ends with Bran Stark saying, “They have no idea what’s going to happen.” This is very true because no one has any idea as the stars and producers of the show have been mum on a lot of things about the show, naturally. However what makes this statement extra true is the fact that the sixth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones is also the first season in which it is not based on the books.

This is because George R.R. Martin has not written up to that part yet (it’s in the works), so what happens in season 6 may very well be different from what Martin will eventually publish. In any case if you have a minute to spare, do check out the teaser in the video above. In the meantime the sixth season of the show is expected to debut come April 2016.

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