KojimaIt looks like after an entire year’s worth of rumors, the Hideo Kojima and Konami saga has come to an end, or at the very least somewhere close to that. Apparently, Japanese newspaper Nikkei has reported that the legendary Hideo Kojima has parted ways with Konami, bringing the curtain down on a glorious era of unforgettable games – especially those of the Metal Gear franchise. Of course, cracks have been seen prior to this bombshell being dropped, with Konami preventing Hideo Kojima from attending the Game Awards, and he was also not there when Konami PR received an award for MGS5.

The legendary designer who is famous for developing the Metal Gear Solid series is said to begin anew with his very own studio, and would have obviously brought along some other former Konami staff with him. Right now, it seems that Kojima and his new crew are in talks with Sony concerning the debut of their first game on the two PlayStation platforms.

One thing is for sure – it does not look as though there is any love lost between the two parties, and we cannot wait to see just what kind of game will Kojima and his crew come up with in due time. Anyone wants to warrant a guess?

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