novodevichy-new-maidenUsually a cemetery is a place you go to pay your respects to the departed, not a place for you to take out your phone, snap selfies, and upload them onto Instagram. However it seems that over in Moscow, local authorities have announced that they have decided to start equipping some of its cemeteries with WiFi.

Like we said, the idea here isn’t for people to hook onto the WiFi and use it for social media, but rather the local authorities believe that by providing free WiFi, it will enable visitors to these cemeteries to learn more about the people who are buried there. But why on earth would you care, you ask?

The cemeteries that will be getting WiFi are the Vagankovo, Troyekurovo, and Novodevichy cemeteries where Russian icons such as author Anton Chekhov, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, and the first Russian president, Boris Yeltsin are buried. So for those a little shaky on their history, the free WiFi will let you find out more information about them.

Speaking to AFP, Lilya Lvovskaya, a spokeswoman from city-run funeral service Ritual said, “These cemeteries are like open-air museums. People often come and find themselves standing in front of a grave and want to know more about the person lying there.” The service is expected to go into effect next year and if successful, will make its way to the other 133 cemeteries located across Moscow.

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